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We Done

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Guild News

Heroic Shek'zeer Down, Site Changes, and TGN

First off, Heroic Shek'zeer was defeated on Thursday. Great job, everyone, for your hard work. There were some "technical difficulties" with the screenshot of the kill, so we'll just have to kill her again and get a new screenshot. We are curre...
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We did it again! Happy Belated Birthday!

How did we do this again? The guild turned 3 on December 28th, and we completely forgot it!!! Oh, and yes, the picture above came from a Google search. Deal with it.It's remarkable to look back at all of the events and accomplishments from the p...
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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone, from all of us at Peachy Keen. We have several gifts to share with you. All of our current heroic kill videos are up, including our most recent kills from Heart of Fear. If you haven't checked them out, be sure to visit...
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Heroic 25 Stone Guards Down!

After an incredibly exciting expansion launch and a few weeks of gearing and learning normals, our first heroic kill is now under our belt and a nice US 66 ranking makes it even better. Thank you to everyone that put an incredible amount of time, ...
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Mists of Pandaria

Now that the fourth World of Warcraft expansion is just two weeks away, we've got a number of things happening on the site that are worth checking out. I'll update this thread as more information comes.The Beta Class Discussion thread. Post here a...
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