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Guild News

Mythic Gruul Down

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Guild News

Mythic Ko'ragh Down

Six bosses are down. One more to go. Will Peachy Keen be able to down Mar'gok? Will the guild be able to clear everything before Blackrock Foundry comes out? Will anyone be able to figure out this reference? Tune in tomorrow. Same Peachy time...
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Guild News

Mythic Butcher Down

Another week, and another boss down. With two weeks left before Blackrock Foundy is out, the odds of clearing everything on time is becoming more in our favor.
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Mythic Brackenspore and Tectus Down

In two days, we downed two new bosses. This is a great accomplishment by everyone. If only we knew how to handle raid loot. It doesn't take a Ph.D. to manage it correctly, right?
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Guild News

Mythic Twin Ogron Down

Two Mythic encounters down. Five more to go. We still have a ways ahead of us if we want to clear Highmaul before Blackrock Foundry is up. If we go full throttle when raiding resumes in January, it's definitely possible.
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Guild News

Mythic Kargath Bladefist Down!

Our first Mythic encounter is down. Congrats to everyone involved and to everyone else who helped us get to this point. This only the beginning though. We've made great progress on Mythic Twin Ogron, and we should expect a kill very soon.The ki...
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Guild News

Happy Birthday Peachy Keen!

We didn't forget this time! Yay! Today marks the guild's official birthday. Four years ago, the guild formed and started raiding Icecrown Citadel right away. So many new friends and memories were made in the past year. We have also accomplishe...
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